Co-Founder, Director

Simon Pierre Tuyishimire

Welcome to Marketing Wizards Kumbuga®, where strategic prowess meets digital excellence. Simon Pierre Tuyishimire, is a Certified Google Ads PPC Expert, backed by a comprehensive set of Google Career Certificates in Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Data Analytics, Project Management, and IT Support.

He orchestrates end-to-end Google Ads campaigns, seamlessly blending creativity with analytical precision. His expertise spans beyond PPC, encompassing Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Branding, and comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategies.

What sets Marketing Wizards Kumbuga apart is not just expertise but a commitment to staying ahead. His Google Career Certificates, coupled with a decade-long journey in online marketing, underscore my dedication to mastery across diverse digital domains.

"He's meticulously honed his skills in Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Data Analytics, Project Management, and IT Support through courses crafted by industry experts and endorsed by Google. where his educational voyage through the Google Professional Career Certificates on Coursera stands as a testament to strategic investment and profound knowledge".
10 years experience working in online advertising

(FAQs) that clients might pose to Simon Pierre Tuyishimire

How do your Google Career Certificates in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce influence your approach at Marketing Wizards Kumbuga®?

My comprehensive training in digital marketing and e-commerce shapes our strategic approach. It ensures that we use the most current and effective methods in our digital marketing efforts.

What strategies do you use as a Google Ads PPC Expert to maximize campaign effectiveness for clients?

I leverage my expertise as a Google Ads PPC Expert to craft campaigns that are highly targeted, cost-effective, and yield the best ROI for our clients.

How do you integrate data analytics and project management skills to enhance the services offered by Marketing Wizards Kumbuga®?

My skills in data analytics and project management enable us to make data-driven decisions and manage projects efficiently, ensuring client campaigns are delivered effectively.

In your role, how do you balance innovation with practical IT solutions to meet client needs effectively?

My IT background allows me to integrate innovative digital solutions while ensuring they are practical and tailored to meet our clients' specific needs.


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