Founder & CEO

Jean Bosco Nganizi

Welcome to Marketing Wizards Kumbuga®, where digital innovation meets results-driven strategies. Nganizi Jean Bosco, is your guide through the ever-evolving landscape of digital world. With a passion for creating impactful online experiences, he brings a multifaceted skill set to the table.

As the Founder and CEO of Marketing Wizards Kumbuga®, he is more than just a title. He goes by “A.K.A Results” because that’s what he delivers—tangible, measurable outcomes that elevate your brand in the digital realm. He has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients from various industries, both domestically and internationally.

Whether you’re a startup looking to establish a digital presence or an established business aiming to elevate your brand, Marketing Wizards Kumbuga® is your strategic partner. Let’s collaborate, create, and achieve the extraordinary.

Nganizi Jean Bosco boasts a formidable digital skill set backed by Google-issued certifications in Digital Marketing, E-commerce, IT Support, Project Management, and Data Analytics. His expertise extends to Google Ads, Shopping Ads, and Google My Business, reflecting a commitment to cutting-edge knowledge for delivering optimal results in the digital world.
12 years experience working in online marketing

(FAQs) that clients might pose to Jean Bosco Nganizi

What inspired you to start Marketing Wizards Kumbuga® and how does your background support its vision?

My passion for digital innovation and seeing the transformative impact of digital marketing in various sectors inspired me to start Marketing Wizards Kumbuga®. My background in digital marketing and my diverse certifications have been pivotal in shaping our vision.

Can you explain how your Google certifications enhance your approach to digital marketing strategies?

These certifications have deepened my expertise in areas like SEO, e-commerce, and data analytics, enabling me to adopt a more data-driven and effective approach in our digital marketing strategies.

How do you ensure that Marketing Wizards Kumbuga® stays ahead in the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape?

I emphasize continuous learning, staying abreast of emerging trends, and investing in cutting-edge technology to ensure Marketing Wizards Kumbuga® remains at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape.

What are some challenges you've faced in the digital marketing industry and how have you overcome them?

I've faced challenges like rapidly changing digital trends and diverse client needs. Overcoming these involves adaptability, innovative thinking, and a focus on customized solutions for each client.


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